The IRN-BRU Carnival has taken a number of measures to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy their day out at the Carnival. However, please be aware that while we have made a great effort to provide facilities to accommodate as many access requirements as possible, there will inevitably be some areas and rides which still present a challenge for some.

If you have a question that is not answered by this guide, then please contact [email protected]  and we'll do our best to help.



The SEC main building has automatic doors at both the east and west entrances. The Centre also has widened main entry doors, which a steward will be pleased to open for you. All halls in the main building are situated at ground level, and the upper levels are all accessible by lift.




Autism Friendly sessions for 2023/24 Carnival will take place from 11am-2pm on Sunday 31st December, and from 4pm-9pm on Tuesday 9th January, offering visitors with autism and sensory processing disorders the chance to enjoy the rides and to get used to their environment.

Some of the rides will be slower, flashing lights where possible are turned off (please note some rides are unable to adjust the speed & lighting settings on their machines). Music will be off or turned down low, and there will be less crowds for those with additional support needs to enjoy.

 At the end of each session, visitors to the Autism Friendly sessions are welcome to stay at the Carnival until it closes, but the music and lights will gradually return to their usual levels.

There will also be quiet areas available.

We hope that these measures help as many people as possible to enjoy the IRN-BRU Carnival.



Visitors who require a Carer or Personal Assistant to accompany them to the show can book a free Carer ticket when booking their tickets. There are two types of Carer tickets available:

  • Carers who wish to ride or play the stalls will require a ticket with vouchers. This can be purchased at the discounted rate of £12.
  • Carers who do not plan to ride or play the stalls can request a free ticket which grants access to the Carnival, but does not include vouchers.

To ensure the system remains beneficial to those who rely on it, the Organiser reserves the right to check a person's eligibility as defined by the Equality Act.

If you select a Carer ticket, on the final booking page you will be asked to upload a photo, scan or digital copy of one of the following documents. If you do not upload one of these documents, or your document is found to be invalid, please note your booking will be cancelled and refunded. Accepted documents include:

  • Copy of DLA, PIP or Adult Disability Payment entitlement letter
  • Evidence of registered severely sight impaired (blind) (copy of CVI - Certificate of Visual Impairment)
  • A valid CredAbility Access Card with the +1 icon
  • Copy of Attendance Allowance letter
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • A current and valid blue badge
  • A letter of support from your GP or consultant, or a professional body (e.g. a Nurse or a BUPA Healthcare Advisor) on headed paper (dated within the last 24 months)



The Carnival offers a Ride Access Pass to guests who are unable to stand in queues due to a disability. The pass is available in addition to paying for standard entry, and can be used by eligible guests and one companion to access the ride via the exit barrier. This access is intended to provide a reduced waiting time compared to the standard queue line, although this cannot always be guaranteed. Please note that in order to keep the waiting time as short as possible for eligible visitors, we cannot issue Ride Access Passes to more than one companion for each eligible guest.

The eligible guest and their companion will receive different Ride Access Passes, with the companion's pass clearly marked - companions cannot use their Ride Access Passes to skip the queues unless they are accompanying the eligble guest.

Please note we do not issue Ride Access Passes for our Autism Friendly sessions.

You can request Ride Access Passes while booking your tickets online - please request them for both the eligble guest and the companion at this point, and you will receive the approrpriate wristands when you arrive at the Carnival. To ensure the system remains beneficial to those who rely on it, the Organiser reserves the right to check a person's eligibility as defined by the Equality Act.  

Please note that the accepted documents for a Ride Access Pass are different from those for a Carer ticket. These include:

  • A current Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance award letter showing that you receive the higher rate mobility component.
  • A current Personal Independence Payment letter showing that you receive enhanced mobility component or equivalent documentation from the Adult Disability Payment.
  • A current and valid Blue Badge.
  • A current and valid CredAbility Access Card with the queueing icon on it.
  • A letter from your GP or consultant, or a professional body (e.g. a Nurse or a BUPA Healthcare Advisor) on header paper (dated within the last 24 months) which clearly states that you are unable to queue and why. Please note we do not need a letter of diagnosis.



The SEC has accessible toilets situated on the main concourse and in all exhibition/event halls.




The main car park is the multi-storey at 10 Stobcross Road, G3 8YW. The car park is open 24 hours and has designated disabled blue badge parking bays and payment of the car park tariff (£11) is required before you exit. Designated car parking bays cannot be reserved for individual use.

Further parking information can be found here.

The carpark has an accessible walkway attached that takes you directly to the campus. Lifts are available to gain access to each level of the carpark as well as for exiting and entering the carpark walkway making it fully accessible at all ends.

The total distance from the multi-storey carpark to the East entrance of the SEC is 265m.


Taxi/ drop off

A drop off area is available at the SEC West Entrance/Exit.

The distance from the drop off/pick up point to the West Entrance is 41m.


Public Transport

Low level trains run frequently between Glasgow Central and Argyle Street stations and Exhibition Centre station. On disembarking at Exhibition Centre, a lift is available to take you to street level. A covered, step-free walkway connects the station to the Campus.



A limited number of wheelchairs are available to hire free of charge, however visitors are advised to bring their own wheelchair if possible. If you wish to hire a wheelchair, please use this form to request one in advance: If you have not booked one in advance, please visit the SEC Cloakroom for more information.

Please be aware that ride attendants are unable to assist with helping patrons onto rides, and this will remain the responsibility of your Carer or accompanying guests. If you require a Carer ticket or Ride Access Pass to assist with this, these can be requested when booking your tickets (see above).



The days prior to Christmas and the final week are generally quieter times, however we cannot guarantee this. Please note that the days immediately after New Year's Day are often particularly busy, and if you attend on these days you should be prepared for longer queues to get into the Carnival and onto each ride.


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