Opening Times

The IRN-BRU Carnival opens every day from 20th December to the 12th January except Christmas day - but the opening times do vary, so make sure you check the times before your visit! For more info on the Autism Friendly sessions, please check our FAQs.


Date Opening Hours Notes
Friday 20th December 12.00-22.00  
Saturday 21st December 12.00-22.00  
Sunday 22nd December 12.00-22.00  
Monday 23rd December 12.00-22.00  
Tuesday 24th December 12.00-21.00  
Christmas Day CLOSED  
Thursday 26th December 12.00-2200  
Friday 27th December 11.00-22.00  
Saturday 28th December 11.00-22.00  
Sunday 29th December 11.00-22.00  
Monday 30th December 11.00-22.00  
Tuesday 31st December 12.00-21.00 Autism Friendly Hours from 11am-2pm
Wednesday 1st January 12.00-21.00  
Thursday 2nd January 11.00-22.00  
Friday 3rd January 11.00-22.00  
Saturday 4th January 12.00-22.00  
Sunday 5th January 12.00-21.00  
Monday 6th January 17.00-22.00  
Tuesday 7th January 17.00-22.00 Autism Friendly Hours from 4pm-7pm
Wednesday 8th January 17.00-22.00  
Thursday 9th January 17.00-22.00  
Friday 10th January 17.00-22.00  
Saturday 11th January 12.00-22.00  
Sunday 12th January 12.00-21.00  

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