Opening Times

Dates and times for Carnival 2023/34 will be announced soon. Please see below last year's opening hours.

The Carnival opening times vary from day to day, so please check the times, which will be stated on your tickets, before visiting

Please note you can arrive at any time during your booked session - you do not need to arrive at the start of your session

Please allow plenty of time for entry to the Carnival, as unfortunately queues are unavoidable when a large number of visitors arrive at the same time



Date Time
Friday 23 December

12pm - 3pm (Autism Friendly Session)

3pm - 9pm

Saturday 24 December 12pm - 9pm
Sunday 25 December CLOSED
Monday 26 December 12pm - 9pm
Tuesday 27 December 11am - 9pm
Wednesday 28 December 11am - 9pm
Thursday 29 December 11am - 9pm

Friday 30 December

11am - 9pm
Saturday 31 January 12pm - 9pm
Sunday 1 January 12pm - 9pm
Monday 2 January 11am - 9pm
Tuesday 3 January 11am - 9pm
Wednesday 4 January 11am - 9pm
Thursday 5 January 4pm - 9pm
Friday 6 January 4pm - 9pm
Saturday 7 January 12pm - 9pm
Sunday 8 January 12pm - 9pm
Monday 9 January 4pm - 9pm
Tuesday 10 January 4pm - 9pm (Autism Friendly Session)
Wednesday 11 January 4pm - 9pm
Thursday 12 January 4pm - 9pm
Friday 13 January 4pm - 9pm
Saturday 14 January 12pm - 9pm
Sunday 15 January 12pm - 9pm



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