Times, tickets, travel and lots more. All the other information that you need to know to make your visit to the IRN-BRU Carnival a happy one.


  • The Voucher system Entry price: £13 - includes 10 vouchers.

    Extra vouchers can be purchased in the hall at £1.20 each or 5 for £5.

    Bingo – £13 for 10 games (includes entry into the hall)

    Free entry into the hall for Children aged 3 or under (vouchers required to ride).
  • What are my vouchers worth? 1 voucher = 1 ride. Each & every ride in the hall
only costs 1 voucher.
  • 2 vouchers per stall. Try your luck with our fantastic selection of stalls!
  • Vouchers are only valid on day of purchase & non-refundable. The fortune teller and bingo are all charged separately. Dodgems are designed for 2 people to ride. Each person will require 1 voucher (single riders will require 2 vouchers). Groups of 10 people or over will receive a 10% discount (this offer can not be used in conjunction with any any other offer).
  • Friday 19 December 17.00 – 22.00 hrs
  • Saturday 20 to Tuesday 23 December 12.00 – 22.00 hrs
  • Wednesday 24 December 12.00 - 21.00 hrs
  • Closed Christmas Day
  • Friday 26 – Tuesday 30 December 12.00 – 22.00 hrs
  • Wednesday 31 December 12.00 – 21.00 hrs
  • Thursday 1st January 12.00 – 21.00 hrs
  • Friday 2 - Saturday 3 January12.00 – 22.00 hrs
  • Sunday 4 January 1200 - 2100 hrs
  • Monday 5 – Friday 9 January 17.00 – 22.00 hrs
  • Saturday 10 January - 12.00 - 22.00 hrs 
  • Sunday 11 January12.00 – 21.00 hrs


2014 Floorplan - click for larger version



  • Accessibility: Carers must be able to assist disabled guests with getting on and off rides (including their transfer from wheelchairs).  For everyone’s safety, we will leave all lifting to the Carers.
  • Advance tickets: tickets are available to buy on the door only
  • Bank: Clydesdale provides Guests to the SECC with a free of charge ATM which is located on the main concourse adjacent to the ticketSOUP Box Office. In addition to this there are three other ATMs in the main SECC and one in the foyer of the Clyde Auditorium, however these do charge an administration fee for some services.
  • Best time to visit: The days prior to Christmas and also the final week (Monday 5th to Friday 9th January) are generally quieter.
  • Bingo: The Bingo can only operate when enough people are sitting ready to play.  In some cases the Bingo may not open until later in the day.  Signs will be posted at the Ticket desks to this effect.
  • Carers: Carnival does not wish to discriminate against guests with disabilities, therefore the full admission rate will be charged. However, if a guest is accompanied by their helper, a free ticket is available for that helper when suitable evidence is presented at any of the Carnival organisers' office. 
  • Children - What rides are suitable for my children: Click here for a full list of rides and height restrictions.
  • Children - Baby Changing Facilities: There are three baby changing rooms at the SECC; two are on the main concourse adjacent to the central ladies toilets and the other is at the west end of the venue next to the west entrance.
  • Children - What if I lose my child: If you lose your child, please contact one of the stewards immediately.  You will then be directed to the organisers’ office where full details will be taken.  Lost children will be brought to the organisers’ office until re-united with parents/guardian.
  • Cloakroom: The Cloakroom is located on the main concourse and will be open for Guests to deposit items for the duration of the event for a fee of £2 per item, per day. Please note: items cannot be left in the Cloakroom overnight.
  • Contacting us:  You can contact us by telephone, email or post:
    Tel. 0141 248 3000 (ask for Carnival office)
    Post: QD Events
    Glasgow  G3 8YW
  • Directions to the SECC: For a full list of travel directions click here
  • Entry prices: Admission is £13 per person which includes entry to the hall and a total of 10 vouchers.
    If you are visiting to play the Bingo only, you can purchase a Bingo Ticket which will give you entry to the hall and 10 games of bingo
    We accept cash and credit cards (unfortunately we do not accept American Express)
    Additional vouchers can be purchased in the hall at £1.20 each or 5 for £5
  • Eating & Drinking: Within the hall there are various food outlets selling everything from candy floss to burgers & chips. Within the SECC there is the new bar & restaurant facility, Clydebuilt Bar & Kitchen, plus, a new Deli bar selling everything from sandwiches and soup to pastries and muffins.
  • Young Scot offer: On production of a Glasgow Young Scot, Glasgow Kidz, South Lanarkshire NEC, Renfrewshire Young Scot or an Inverclyde Young Scot Card the card holder will receive £5 off the entry price (£8 entry).
    Every local authority has their own Young Scot cards which all have different local offers agreed and negotiated by each local authority.
  • Group visits: There is a 10% discount for parties of 10 or more.
  • Lost Property: All lost property will be brought to the organisers’ office in the first instance; thereafter any items not collected will be passed to the SECC Security Control Room.
  • Leaving early: On entry to the Carnival, you will be hand stamped.  This means you can leave and return on the same day.  The hand stamp changes daily.
    If a member of your party becomes unwell, please make your way to the Medical Centre.  A member of the Carnival team will attend and discuss the possibility of visiting another time.
  • Medical Centre: There is a fully staffed Medical Centre located on the concourse in the SECC.  If you do require medical attention, please make contact with any of the stewards/staff working at the event and they will assist/direct you.
  • Meeting point: There is a meeting point located on the concourse and will be signed ‘Meeting Point’.  Please arrange in advance to meet your friends/family here should you be separated during your visit.
  • Non-riders: Entry to the carnival is £13 for everyone.  Vouchers can be used on the game stalls as well as the rides.  You may also share your vouchers with other people in your party.
  • Opening Times: The Carnival will open at the following times -
    Fri 19 December    1700 – 2200 hrs
    Sat 20 to Tues 23 December  1200 – 2200 hrs
    Wed 24 December   1200 – 2100 hrs
    Closed Christmas Day
    Fri 26 – Tues 30 December  1200 – 2200 hrs
    Wed 31 December   1200 – 2100 hrs
    Thurs 1 January   1200 – 2100 hrs
    Fri 2 - Sat 3 January  1200 – 2200 hrs
    Sun 4 January    1200 - 2100 hrs
    Mon 5 – Friday 9 January  1700 – 2200 hrs
    Sat 10 January    1200 – 2200 hrs
    Sun 11 January    1200 - 2100 hrs

    Please note that the Carnival will be closed on Christmas Day.

  • Parking: The new multi-storey car park situated at Congress Way, which is operated by City Parking, is the main parking area for all cars. Please note, this car park has a height restriction of 1.9m. Vehicles over 1.9m will be directed to the SECC security gatehouse.  The charge for the multi-storey car park is £3.50 per hour or a daily rate of £7.00 per vehicle. This arrangement is subject to change, please refer to the following website for up to date information and for further car parking information click here  
  • Queuing: There are certain times when the Carnival will be busy and queues will form at most of the rides.  Signs will be posted at the rides, indicating the approximate length of time you may have to Queue.
  • Rides: We have a large selection of rides suitable for all ages - click here for a full listing.
  • Ride Access Passes: Ride Access Passes are available in addition to paying for standard entry and may be used by eligible guests to access certain rides via the ride exit during their day. The special access is intended to provide a reduced waiting time compared to the standard queue line although this cannot always be guaranteed. Each pass allows up to three people to benefit from this special access if they are visiting the Carnival with the disabled guests.

    This of course does not limit the guests from enjoying any of the other rides in the halls by joining the standard queue lines which on a quiet day in any case will offer speedy, trouble free access.

    Please note that having a registered disability does not automatically guarantee receiving a Ride Access Pass. We reserve the right to make changes to, or withdraw, the Ride Access policy without prior notice.
  • Ride Access Passes - Eligibility: Ride Access Passes are reserved for guests who do not understand the concept of queuing; have difficulties with everyday social interaction; have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others’ emotional feelings or expressions, and may therefore become agitated or distressed if they had to queue for a ride for an extended period of time.
    In view of the level of accessibility on the rides, wheelchair users are not eligible for a Ride Access Pass. 
  • Ride Access Passes - accepted forms of proof: The issuance of Ride Access Passes is based upon documentary proof of disability (blue or orange badges will not be accepted as this does not state the nature of the disability). Examples of documentation required are:

    GP’s letter
    Association Membership details
    Council run membership
    Any other form that states the disability

    Please note, Disability Living Allowance (DLA) letters are not sufficient as they do not state the nature of the disability. Our staff are not medically trained so unless there is a disability clearly stated we are unable to know what services are required.

    Guests without suitable documentation will not be issued with a Ride Access Pass. 

    Photographic identification is needed on each and every occasion an application for a Ride Access Pass is made at Guest Services.

    The decision as to what evidence is suitable rests with the Organisers Office staff. If in doubt, please contact the organisers in advance.
  • Ride Access Passes - Collection Point: Guests who qualify for the Ride Access Pass should go to the Carnival Organisers Office, with suitable documentation stating the nature of their disability.
  • Height Restrictions: All rides operate a height restriction, if you meet that height restriction you can ride. Click here for height restrictions.
    In some cases, due to build or size, the ride may be deemed unsuitable due to the restraints, locking mechanisms etc.  The operators decision is final in this instance.
  • SECC Onsite Services: For a full list of facilities available at the venue click here
  • Videoing / Photography:  In general audio and video recording equipment and professional cameras are not permitted. However, small non-professional cameras and phone cameras may be permitted.
    Professional photographers should contact the organisers’ office directly for express permission to photograph their event.
  • Vouchers: Vouchers can be used on rides and game stalls.  All rides are 1 voucher per ride and stalls are 2 vouchers per game.
    Please note there are some attractions in the hall that take cash only.
  • Wheelchair hire: The Medical Centre has a limited number of wheelchairs that Guests may 'borrow' for the duration of their visit. Wheelchairs are allocated on a first come, first served basis and can be booked the day before your visit. Please note that wheelchairs can only be 'borrowed' for a day at a time. The medical team are happy to aide wheelchair users who require assistance getting to and from a location within the Centre (subject to availability), but wheelchairs should be picked up/dropped off at the Medical Centre. To book a wheelchair or for further information please call them on 0141 275 6333 or drop into the Medical Centre.

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